Our Mission

Creating a community for puppetry in Madison to grow makers in their journey


Create opportunities for building, developing and performing for audiences large and small on a regular basis.


Both literal and metaphorical.


To literally be there for one another as we grow from where we are today.

Who is currently minding the store...

Jay Seevers

Producer, Writer, Performer

Jay Seevers is a nonsense person of the highest order. He has been building things for the entertainment industry for a long time and really likes it. He keeps a clean and well-organized shop at work and a messy but well-organized shop at home.

Jay also occasionally slips the actor hat on, to the horror of playwrights and stage managers everywhere. He fell in love with puppetry during an internship at the Little Angel Theatre in London, where he grew to admire the whimsy of object based storytelling.

He's hoping he can spread that joy with the Madison community- his adopted home, and a place with a history full of stories worthy of telling and retelling. In his muggle time he fixes things and enjoys being in the sun.

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